About Us

Speech and Language Development Australia established the SALDA Research Institute in 2019.

The objectives of the SALDA Research Institute are to bring consumers, educators, clinicians, researchers and policymakers together to work collaboratively to:

  • Identify priority issues that require further development of an evidence base.
  • Facilitate high-quality, independent research synthesis, and policy and practice-based research. 
  • Ensure research findings are translated into policy and practice. 
  • Build capacity in the health and education sector for knowledge translation and exchange. 
  • Communicate the outcomes of our work widely and authoritatively and build collaborative networks nationally and internationally 

The SALDA Research Institute will work to achieve these objectives by:

Working with other organisations and stakeholders to identify priority educational, clinical and policy issues 

  • Directly funding targeted research 
  • Supporting research on emerging issues through a competitive research grants program 
  • Actively promoting and sharing research findings through publications, conferences and the media 
  • Using the research evidence to support our advocacy work to influence government policy makers at the state and national level

The activities and operations of SALDARI are overseen by the SALDA Board